Down jacket

FOB Price: US $36-55 / Piece
Min. Order: 500 Pieces
Fabric: 10D*10D, 100% nylon,  ripstop, 18g/m2, PU-coating
Filling: 95% duck down,5 % duck feather
Filling weight: 70g
Filling power: 1000FP



Feature: the durability of 10D nylon fabric is higher than normal fabric.
This down jacket is made of double layer of 10D nylon fabric. The two layers of fabric are connected at intervals, and the interior of the fabric has less gaps between pressing glue and stitching, so that every part of the body can be fully filled with down. The key parts are sewed with high tenacity suture and imported round needle. Reduce the risk of pile drilling.
Quilting free,Interlining free.High density weaving, good anti pile effect, no running pile, no drilling pile.
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Additional information

Weight 0.12 kg
Dimensions 60 × 40 × 35 cm


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